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However, the growing popularity of boutique and handmade pedals means that the market is full of pedals costing many hundreds of dollars. Distortion and overdrive are the most vital effects for most modern rock subgenres. While your amplifier will likely be able to produce true valve distortion by itself, distortion and overdrive pedals help saturate the sound, tighten it up and improve the overall tone.

Many guitarists also choose to use distortion or overdrive pedals as their main source of gain, using the clean channel of their amp as a pedal platform. See our full list of best overall distortion pedals here. See our full list of best overall overdrive pedals here. Fully analogue and specially designed by the Custom Badass team at MXR, it features a three band EQ as well as volume and distortion controls.

This pedal does it all, from creamy 70s rock tone right up to scooped modern metal and rock tones. Housed in a solid metal chassis and built from high quality components, this pedal is made to last and is a safe choice for busy, gigging musicians. Insanely good value for money, this is a quality distortion pedal that can achieve a wide array of different sounds. It is a subtle, smooth sounding overdrive, which responds very well to the nuances of your playing.

Used in front of a clean amp, it adds some warm clipping to your tone, but in front of an already distorting amp, it tightens the sound and pushes the amp into rich saturation. It is particularly well liked by Stratocaster users and other guitarists with single coil pick ups.

It is a warmer sounding overdrive, which complements the raspiness of single coils very well. Perfect for achieving screaming blues leads or for less extreme genres of rock.

The best overdrive pedal for blues. This pedal has become quite popular as an alternative to treble and lead boosts, and is the perfect pedal for those looking to add a little extra bite to their lead sounds, without radically altering the tone.

For heavier players, it can also be used to tighten up and add a bit of character to an already distorting tube amp. Chorus pedals are amongst the most popular modulation effects.

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A chorus pedal splits your guitar signal, leaving one signal unaltered while slightly delaying and modulating the second. We prefer analog chorus effects over digital, as they sound much fuller and more natural, unlike the overly processed sound that cheaper digital choruses produce.

The M not only sounds great but also has a lot of control functions, allowing users to tweak EQ with a high and low knob as well as control over the rate, depth and level of effect. It has two outputs which allows for stereo and, like all MXR pedals, is ruggedly built to withstand regular gigging and is housed in a very durable metal chassis.

A fantastic sounding and versatile analog chorus effect. A good choice for gigging guitarists who need a reliable pedal. The Small Clone is one of the most legendary chorus pedals of all time and the redesigned Neo Clone does a fantastic job of imitating the sound. The Neo Clone is great for producing classic chorus sounds, however the lack of controls means that guitarists looking for more tweakability will be disappointed.

It has a simple rate knob, controlling the overall intensity of the effect, as well as a depth switch.

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It is well built and very small, making it perfect for guitarists who are running out of space on their pedal boards. Looper pedals are a great way for guitarists to build their own multi-layered solo tracks or to add depth and guitar parts when playing live. As the name suggests, they capture the sound going into it and then play it back, allowing you to record and play along to yourself in real time.For example a beginner or skilled guitar player, you need an expression or quantity participant as part of your equipment.

Best pedal for $50 or less?

Deciding upon an excellent quantity or expression pedal just like most people anticipate, ought to be a simple procedure. Expression pedals are amazing since they are sometimes employed to control and control a vast array of music gear like stand effects, MIDI controls, keyboards, etc. The best 10 best expression pedals discussed in this manual were chosen after hours of careful study and speaking to a number of the cleverest and finest guitar players now.

View on Amazon. It comes ready to stone with a polarity switch built in so that you may use it for non-moog tools too, and can be wrapped up into a durable, tank-like, black staircase. It is most effective for keyboards or synthesizersas you can probably guess using the Moog postage on it works as well for pellets. It is not just among the greatest budget pedals available on the current market but is easily among the most reliable also.

Systems and circuits are a lot more complicated on high-quality pedals and might not operate correctly. The Mission EP1 is just one of our treasured classic-style pedals. It is a new-school performance with an old-school appearance.

It is very much like a classic VOX pedal, even though it provides you with that matte black, all-steel and aluminum chassis to get a sleeker, more contemporary construct. Whether or not you would like to use is using digital amps, effects processors, or even MIDI devices, it is prepared to have work for you.

In addition, it finds automatically the function which you require, meaning that based on the input it will be an expression pedal or a volume pedal. Known to be used with reverb and delay pedals, the EV-5 is really a fantastic and fairly priced expression pedal for individuals wishing to experiment with sounds on the keyboard or guitar.

TC Electronic Smorgasbord of Tones Reviews – Best Guitar Pedals Under $50?

The pedal comprises four distinct saying curves programmed. This provides you with a good assortment of effects to have fun with. The EV-5 provides an inexpensive solution for gamers that are unsure about investing substantial amounts to more expensive expression pedals.

The EV-5 is there to provide players with a less costly option and on equilibrium gives excellent value for the money. Since the layout is more plastic, it takes greater care to make sure it can perform during a lengthy time period.

Mooer Chorus Pedal Review

The general design is quite simplistic and is very good for players that take performance over form. This really is an expression pedal that also can be utilized as an overdrive pedal. It could produce up to 10dB profit increase to your noises when playing. It encounters no regularity reduction when employed making it perfect for use together with your own guitars.

That can be a passive, stereo volume pedal with a minimal quantity adjustment knob, and it is offered at a cost that is almost too good to be true. This really is a no-frills volume pedal — that the enclosure is plastic, not metal like the other pedals on our listing.

It glides fairly easily, although we noticed that a little mechanical grind sound when working it. Overall this is an excellent amount pedal, and it has been in my board for nearly a year now.

It does not alter the sound of this guitar kill any tone in any way. The best advantages of working with the pedal comprise the relaxation and control that gamers sense when using it in live or studio performance. The EXP is assembled using a cast aluminum casing, which is famous for its accuracy reaction when musicians apply pressure with their foot.Jan 21, 1.

Jan 5, Also, how does this sound on bass? Jan 21, 2. Aug 23, Philadelphia. Check out the Joyo stuff. I have the Ultimate Drive and I like it a lot. They have what looks like a really awesome metal pedal, JF Extreme Metal.

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There is a video somewhere for it and it seems pretty cool on guitar. Don't know how it would be on bass. Jan 21, 3. Feb 21, St. I haven't heard anything about the Joyo pedals, but I have a little experience with the behringer offerings as well as the Dano stuff and I would avoid both at all costs. Jan 21, 4. The controls don't seem as sensitive as the OCD's but it sounds just as good. So in other words, a pedal with the sound but slightly less flexibility for a third the price of the real deal.

Jan 21, 5. Jan 21, 6. Apr 16, Boulder Suburbia, Colorado. EHX Mole. It's awesome for putting before your disto pedal. Jan 21, 7. Jan 21, 8. Mar 31, I'm going purely on sound quality here, not build quality, durability, etc.

I have no idea how well it models amps, but of all the dirt pedals I've tried, I like the TM the best. I'm no dirt pedal expert, but I have a decent idea of what sounds good. Jan 28, 9. Jan 27, Los Angeles, California.Reviewed by: Gabriel Tanaka Rating More Details. But first….

And those of us who keep an eye on the industry speculated that this would bring about some big changes for the Denmark-based company, particularly involving TC Electronic, a brand that has become renowned for their guitar pedals in recent years.

After all MUSIC Group is the parent company of Behringer, a company known for producing low-priced music equipment and a ton of low-cost guitar pedals. As expected, at least some of the Smorgasbord of Tones pedals are based on old Behringer pedals, pedals that have received mixed reviews among guitarists.

However, all of the Behringer inspired pedals have been given an overhaul by TC Electronic and tweaked into something new.

There has been a wave of companies mainly in Chinaproducing low-end effects pedals and saturating the market with clones and copies of every circuit you can imagine. A few bigger effects pedal builders have also produced much less costly guitar pedals by shifting PCB construction overseas, pedals that in some cases offer higher quality alternatives to some of the other low-cost, made-in-China pedals.

But this move by TC Electronic marks the boldest attempt by a noteworthy pedal builder to try to seize a share of the budget pedal market, a move that could potentially benefit all guitarists if the pedals released are of higher than expected quality.

Will a similar trend develop among other big pedal builders? But ultimately, I think a big part of the market will still always want and appreciate boutique guitar pedals, thus limiting the impact on most builders in the near future even if cheaper pedals of reasonable quality are successful. These are my biggest focus points.

Are these pedals worth the price of admission? And how do they compare to pedals costing much more? The solid chunkiness of these pedals seems to indicate that they can handle life on the road.

I had to open up a few of these pedals and peek inside.

best chorus pedal under $50

All of these pedals sport a single internal board with the expected machine mounted components affixed to them. The jacks, pots, and switches all seem sturdier than I was expected and have a surprisingly solid feel, more solid than any of the low budget import guitar pedals that come to mind.

Perhaps this template will lead to more affordable digital effects pedals with a similar 3-knob, 3-position switch layout. I like that the foot-switches are mounted near the front edge of the pedals.

best chorus pedal under $50

They use neither a 3pdt switch or a relay bypass. While the button mechanism on the solid metal case inspires confidence, the internal switch will be the one component I keep an eye on over time.

Thankfully, these pedals will be active when powered up if they were active the last time they were powered up. This is handy if you use them in an effects switcher based rig and like plugging in one power cable to instantly power up your whole pedalboard.We all need some distortion every now and then. In this buyer's guide, we have some hardy perennials and some ubiquitous picks from the big names, but then at the other end of the distortion pedal spectrum we've also included an oddball gain machine from EarthQuaker Devices with one knob only.

Any one of these pedals will turn a clean guitar amp into a fire-breathing monster, so if that tweed combo isn't cutting it for your doom-metal band, you can rest assured you've come to the right place. Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner. If you're looking for a new distortion pedal then it could be worth waiting until the Prime Day guitar deals start landing.

Fender's Pugilist Distortion is a hugely versatile dirtbox thanks to its dual distortion circuits, which allow you to blend two channels for monstrous high-gain tones with enhanced clarity — similar to playing through separate amps at once. As a result, it's one of our absolute favorites. Alternatively, with all sorts of flavors of gain at your fingertips, with the Wampler Sovereign Distortion on your pedalboard you could lose days weeks just dialing in various tones, each bathed in harmonic-rich distortion and crunch.

So, let's talk about what we mean by distortion and how this might affect your hunt for the best distortion pedal. As with anything with an aesthetic purpose, gear, and how it sounds, is subjective.

There are no rules so long as the tone speaks to you - and ultimately, that's the most important thing. It clips your signal harder. Fuzz clips it harder still, so you really lose definition. Distortion pedals are best applied to clean tones. In the world of heavy metal, distortion is the most-prized raw material, and the evolution of metal and its subgenres through the ages has seen the black t-shirt dollar buttressing the economy for high-gain pedals.

For some metal players, a pedal that can deliver thick, saturated distortion, often with a tight compression to it. Features that can enhance a distortion pedal include its EQ, which lets you shape your tone with three- and even four-band EQs being the gold standardand imaginative switching options such as selectable clipping modes, which let you choose between different voices of distortion. A little versatility goes a long way, even when melting faces.

Read our full Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal review. Brian Wampler has packed a heap of features into a small enclosure here.

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The Sovereign could probably fight in the overdrive category but has so much beef in its gain structure that goes way beyond. When it comes to the best distortion pedals, the M75 is a no-brainer that takes seconds to find the tone you want — an indestructible little powerhouse of versatile analog distortion.

The character of the old LMN is here, but under the hood the components have been upgraded. The cheapo capacitors are gone, their replacements made from metal film and tantalum. Pure grind, rich and fizzing distortion awaits!

The pedal is happy adding a little crunch, some extra oomph, but it keeps the integrity of your guitar tone steady when dimed.

Dial it back to thicken up you rhythm tone or to fatten up single coil pickups. The Acapulco Gold is dominated by giant output volume knob and its brief is devastatingly simple: to bring the power and tone of a Sunn Model T amp and house it inside a small pedal. Another small enclosure pedal of simple design housing an enormous and classic metal distortion tone: it must be a Boss? No, but the Eyemaster, named after the Entombed song, is unashamedly channeling the dimed Boss HM-1 Heavy Metal with equally dimed Peavey Bandit for that classic Swedish death metal sound.

Designed and built in Denmark, this pedal is indestructible, but it comes with a three-year warranty just in case. Push it all the way for death metal nastiness, dark, raw fuzz energy.

The Iron Horse V2 sees the unit updated with a more dynamic tone control and a new level control that makes it easier to dial in unity gain i. The distortion circuit has been tweaked too for more subtle low-gain tones. Key features include the three-way toggle switch that selects between clipping diodes letting you choose from slightly compressed to more compressed and totally open distorted tones.

The enclosure is finished with some neat artwork from illustrator Adam Forster. The Herbert is not a distortion pedal in the purest since but it can sure be used as such.

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The Best Chorus Pedals - All Price Ranges

Be it subtle or overtly used, chorus is one of the most pervasive guitar effects, used in dozens of the most famous records ever released.

Here we look at the best chorus pedals in three price ranges, based on the most recent reviews and ratings up to January Further details: How Gearank Works. While not necessarily rated as highly rated as their more expensive counterparts, the two pedals below let you add a surprisingly good chorus effect to your tone while keeping the cost really low.

Pros Surprisingly, the casing, jacks, and footswitch are all reportedly pretty solid. While it's not ground breaking or exemplary in terms of tone,it sounds good enough for many to appreciate, especially when considering its price. The unit also has its controls on the top of the pedal rather than on the surface, which can make adjusting the pedal on stage difficult because they are not easily visible.

Overall Even with its flaws, its hard to find a chorus pedal that gives you as much value for your money. The tone of the pedal also benefits from its analog construction, because it lends the pedal a warmth that tends to be lacking in this price point.

It is also reported to be pretty stable, thanks to its full metal shell as well as a solid footswitch. Cons While the pedal is regarded for its warmth, there are some who feel that it has too dark of a tone. Overall If you're looking for an affordable and space saving chorus pedal, then this just maybe for you. With its compact "mini" pedal form factor, the Mooer Ensemble King Analog Chorus is meant to help you free up some pedalboard space, or to fit into ones that are already packed.

As expected, controls are kept to minimum, with the main knob adjusting the rate, and two smaller knobs for tweaking depth and level. It comes with a conventional footswitch and is housed in a metal chassis, both of which allow it to handle the rigors of regular gigging. And as the label suggests, this pedal is meant to reproduce the sound of analog chorus pedals warmer sounding.

Pros Simple yet effective, are two adjectives that sums up how the market feels about this pedal. Most users report that it gets the job done nicely for its size, and they feel that they got more than what they paid for. The tone is described as warm and ideal for adding subtle chorus, which covers how most guitarists use the chorus effect. Overall With its compact size and affordable price tag, the Mooer Ensemble King Analog Chorus Pedal will make a great addition for any pedalboard.

Even with the controls being limited, the pedal is more versatile than most would initially assume. The most important thing to know about this pedal is that the depth knob only has two-positions as opposed to the variable switches most pedals have. So basically, you either have a lot of depth or a very subtle chorus. Then, with the rate knob, you control the speed of the pitch modulation.

This pedal is both analog and true bypass. The pedal has a very warm, though slightly dark, tone. Unlike the original Small Clones, modern examples of the effect are true bypass. Pros The main draw of this pedal is its simplicity. The cool thing about this is that it makes the effect really easy to dial in, and the positions available are all really useable.

Cons With its streamlined controls, this pedal is not for those who want to have more control over chorus effect parameters. Overall If you're looking for a straightforward plug-and-play chorus pedal then this maybe a good fit for you.

The MXR M is an analog chorus pedal, with expanded controls that let you adjust level, rate and depth, along with a low and hi-cut. These controls allow you to shape the resulting tone for a more personalized chorus sound, while its distinctly warm tonality.

Many consider the chorus effect to be warm and lush, and while the pedal is obviously going to impact your tone it is still relatively transparent. The MXR really is also reported to be durable, the benefits of which should not be understated.

Cons Something to know about this pedal before you buy it is that it does use hardwire bypass, which can be a deal breaker for some.

best chorus pedal under $50

Overall Here is an analog chorus pedal for those who want to more control over the chorus effect. An interesting feature of the CE-5 is its filter control.Chorus is an effect that can thicken and color your tone when used properly. It can turn a dry and sterile tone into something full of life and energy. When used improperly, it can give your tone a cheesy 80s sound. Chorus was abused by guitarists in the 80s to the point where some guitarists avoid using it at all. But a subtle hint of chorus might be just what you need.

If you want to learn the technical details on what chorus is and how it is created, check out my Guitar Effects Course. Finding the right chorus pedal for you depends on how you want to use it, your budget, and how much control you want out of it. Some chorus pedals keep the controls simple and offer a basic effect. While there are plenty of chorus pedals out there, some pedals tend to stand out from the rest.

Here is the shortlist of the best chorus pedals from lowest price to highest:. The below songs are good examples of chorus pedals in action. While you can definitely use chorus on your drive tone, it really shines through on a clean tone.

For a subtle example of chorus, listen to the clean guitar parts in Welcome Home Sanitarium by Metallica:. To really get an idea how chorus enhances these songs, try playing the parts without a chorus pedal. Check out this guide to hear some of the above songs and more details on how chorus is used in those songs. Having three knobs for Mix, Speed, Depth actually gives you more control than some of the other pedals in this guide. While the D5 is a digital pedal, the Tutti Love is analog.

The solid construction and True Bypass makes this a surprisingly high-quality pedal for the price. As you can hear, the three knobs Level, Depth, Rate give you plenty to play around with to dial in the right chorus sound.

Here are the basic details on the Tutti Love full details here :. Check out the current price and full details of the Tutti Love here. The above pedals are fine if you just want to play around with chorus from time to time. If you plan on using chorus regularly during gigs, you might want to consider a higher tier chorus pedal for extra reliability and quality.

While the Donner pedal might be perfectly reliable, the below pedals are more likely to last over time. The Electro-Harmonix Small Clone is an odd pedal. It regularly appears in best chorus pedal lists, yet it gives you less control than any other pedal on this list. For some guitarists that might be a positive as it means less to think about. Flick the Depth switch to what sounds good to you and adjust the Rate knob. After all, one of the most popular phaser pedals only has one knob MXR Phase So if you like simple pedals, this one might suit you.

The below video shows that while the controls are limited, you can still produce a nice variety of tones:. As we move up to this tier, you can expect more control over the effect.

TonePrint allows you to use an app or software to tweak every aspect of the effect as you like. If you like the idea of digging in and finding the perfect chorus sound, then this is a good option to consider. If you prefer something quick and easy to use, you might prefer a different option. Chorus is a pretty simple effect, so TonePrint may not be as useful here compared to other effects. If we ignore the mode switch, which allows you to select a TonePrint preset or two other modes, you have four knobs to control the effect.

If you use a stereo rig or might use one in the future, I highly recommend getting a stereo chorus pedal. While some of the other pedals below are also chorus, this is the only one to have stereo inputs.

This gives you far more freedom over where you place your chorus pedal in your rig.

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