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Bergara, Browning, or Tikka Recommendation? Thread starter Dman Start date Dec 20, Tags bergara creedmoor tikka. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Dman Private. Dec 20, 23 0 2 Atlanta, GA. New to the forum and wanted to ask the groups opinion to help me best select my new rifle. I have recently got into hunting and have done a fair share on the in-laws West Texas ranch, mainly white tail. I also would rather spend the money today for a good versatile long rage rifle that I can grow into and use for bigger game too rather than having to buy another one then.

Everyone says they are tack drivers that can easily reach out to yards and beyond and be sub 1 MOA out of the box. Really trying to get a sense of what the people on the forum think, especially for those who have experience between the three. Last edited: Dec 20, Jul 22, 48 3 Nov 27, 4, 1, 57 Ingleside, Tx.

Tikka T3x vs Browning X Bolt (Or Howa 1500...)

Weight is your friend when shooting small groups on the range. Weight is your enemy when carrying the rifle afield. Less than 10 lbs sans scope is not terrible, but it is a bit portly. Now you are talking another bucks. The other option is is go ahead and get the tactical model from the get go. Tikka is a damn fine rifle, but will require additional money.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register.

Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Rooster52 Start date Nov 24, Rooster52 New member.

Joined Feb 18, Messages 1, What is your opinion on these two rifles? Tikka T3 and Browning X bolt. I don't have an opinion on the tikka, But I have shot the x-bolt quite a bit, Shot it today in fact. I really like the x-bolt. It is very nice handling and very sleek. The accuracy is great. All in all, it is a great gun.

St52v New member.

T3 vs. X-Bolt

Joined Jul 11, Messages It would depend on caliber and what bullet you intended to shoot. The is not built on a true long action and is limited by the magazine. It also has a twist barrel.Browning x bolt versus tikka t3 lite.

I went to wholsalesports the other day looking for a good coyote gun in my price range. I have picked out my two favorites the browning x bolt and the tikka t3 light.

I want to shoot. Does anyone have any opinions on which can is better or the pros and cons of them both. And maybe some different places to go for better prices thanx. I have an x-bolt and a T-3 in my safe, and would definitely buy both again. The Tikka is probably a bit lighter, if it was a gun you were planning to carry in the field. His prices match Wholesale Sports and he is currently running some good package deals on Tikkas.

Tough Choice? I like the x-bolt maybe a little better? As long as you Dont buy a Savage you'll Do fine! Last edited by whitetail Junkie; at AM. Both are pretty equal in my eye. For a I'd probably go with the T3 just because it is lighter. I think the two rifles are about as close to an even draw as you can get. They have to compete to get people out of the city. Originally Posted by beauhunter.

Very comparable firearms.

Top five guns for deer hunting.

I prefer the safety location on the Browning and the fact the mag holds an extra round, but the Tikka is lighter and bolt lift is easier after firing a round. Can't go to wrong with either. Jerry D. I might be a little bias because I've never handled one but I do own a tikka t3 lite that I don't care for, however my grandfather uses it and likes it.

I much prefer the trigger on the tikka.

Tikka T3x Vs. Browning X-Bolt 300 WSM

Looking at several of each with a borescope the brownings have a much higher incidence of off center chambers and much rougher bores than tikkas.

On the other hand I like the tang safety and the 60 degree bolt throw on the browning. If I had to choose I'd pick a Tikka because of higher tolerance machining.

browning vs tikka t3x

Don't much care for the looks of the X-bolt, very homely rifles. I went to the Wholsalesports in south common they were pretty nice behind the gun counter better than the other one i know that.

For that price, you can't go wrong. Originally Posted by lone wolf. Petzal, on John Wayne. Both rifles shoot, carry, and handle great. If these are your 2 choices for a huniting rifle, you won't go wrong with either.

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Pick the one that finds your shoulder and line of sight the easiest. I went with the T3, but only because it fits me better than the X. That T3 sure is smooth though eh?

Well first of all I would base my decision on the twist rate.Price wise they are the same up here in Canada and both appeal to me, but have never seen or handled the Bergara Just wondering if anyone can offer any insight to the B, before I roll the dice. Should mention that it will be used primarily at the range and not so much hunting. It's incredibly accurate with both Federal blue box gr ammo, as well as my handloads with 3 different bullet weights and profiles I've tried.

The bore cleans very easily and is glass smooth.

browning vs tikka t3x

I would think that much care is given to all barrels Bergara makes, no matter what rifle platform they're installed on. Good luck either way you go! MusgraveMan likes this. I think the bergara is a better rifle for range play. Which is a big negative for me as a hunter in the desert. The Tikka tactical rifles are excellent options to look at as well. Similar style rifle. Shot great. Good factory trigger. Not very picky.

My tikka and SAKO rifles do just a little better. Tikka and SAKO rifles have great triggers Remove Advertisements. As a heads up to the moderators! Everyone have a wonderful night! Darkker likes this. I'd buy the Bergara over the Browning. The biggest factor for that decision is the B14 has a Rem footprint.

So there is a lot of aftermarket options for components such as stocks, scope bases, triggers, bottom metal, etc. Probably going to go with the Bergara, if I can find one to actually handle before hand and if I can source one in win.Discussion in ' Sako ' started by eekspleeNov 23, Log in or Sign up. T3 vs.

Bergara, Browning, or Tikka Recommendation?

X-Bolt Discussion in ' Sako ' started by eekspleeNov 23, Nov 23, 1. I want to buy a. I think the Browning looks better, but I hear the T3 has such a nice action. But, I would also like to know how the X-Bolt action compares to the T3 as well.

Nov 23, 2. Personally, I feel that in the field, so to speak, you probably will not experience much if in fact any difference in performance. I suggest handling each rifle to determine what is best for you in terms of fit, balance, pointability, etc. Again, this is more to bench rest results than in the field where you have many variables such as your own excitement, perhaps a not so optimal shooting position, wind gusts hitting you, moving target, etc. I am a little surprised about your choice of the.

Have you considered some perhaps more game appropriate cartridges? That is not so say the. Best wishes. Nov 23, 3. I can't speak for the Tikka, but I own a Xbolt Medallion and love it. After owning a rifle with a polymer magazine, I would never want a medal one again. It is so smooth going in and out. Browning Xbolt.

browning vs tikka t3x

Nov 23, 4. BTW, I think it is a very accurate rifle.

Mark singlar

Shot at yards. JPG File size: Nov 23, 5. Nov 23, 6. Nov 23, 7. Nov 23, 8. Nov 24, 9. MoosemanNov 24, Nov 24, Nov 26, No doubt a couple well placed shots with a 15O grain Nosler partition out of a will kill a moose. But I have also heard of Elk walking away after 3 or 4 shots with the same load.

I'd aim for the head or spine if it were me. As for the two guns you have narrowed downInvite your friends to the conversation.

Become a sponsor - Advertise here. All rights reserved. Shooting Australia. Bolt action rifles, lever action, pump action, self loading rifles and other miscellaneous longarms. I have watched heaps of videos and read reviews, as well as held all of them in store but I can't make a decision. I am aware that the Howa is a little heavier but I still like the feel of them with the Hogue stock and the price.

Basically, I would just like to hear of any pros and cons you guys might have. At this point in time I am considering W and I would prefer stainless barrel.

browning vs tikka t3x

The Howa and tikka t3x are superb rifles in that you can also choose from a huge range of aftermarket accessories. But the browning is a very nice rifle too - and i do like the way that they glass bed their actions to the stocks. For the coin, the howa with the hogue stock is excellent!! The hogue stock is much lamented but it has aluminium pillars and the barrel free floats - and offers a great stock that will stand up to a lot of abuse!

I like the internal magazine arrangement that the howas come with with the floor plate. They are superbly made rifles! If you ever want to change the stock its easy to do - with lots of options available.

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The Tikka T3x is another excellent rifle but a little more expensive than the howa- and the browning x bolt is in the same price point as the tikka roughly speaking. Both these rifles are superbly finished and you cant go wring with either one.

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My personal preference would be the Tikka in a Hunter Stainless model or the Browning in the Stainless Synthetic model. Would you happen to know whether you can get an aftermarket Howa stock that would reduce weight at all?Great question. I'm in the market for a similar type of setup in WM. I got rid of a Tikka T3 Lite that was a tack driver. I can't say enough good about the gun. I had a brake installed that I didn't care for, so I sold it.

Yes, I also failed to mention the Remington Alaskan TI, but now we're talking more than a little jump in price. It has the 24" barrel like the Tikka, and it's even a little lighter than all of the ones mentioned here. New Posts. Members Profile. Post Reply. I have decided to go with a Always wanted one so I am getting one.

I have narrowed my choices down to 3 rifles I want to pick from. My choices are: 1. Tikka T3 Stainless 2. Sako A7 Stainless 3. Browning X-Bolt I have been reading so many reviews and posts my eyes are about to bleed. However I will choose from one of these. Tikka - I own a whitetail hunter and the thing is a tack driver. I love it, the most accurate rifle I own so I do have some brand loyalty even though I don't really like the looks of the T3 compared to the Whitetail.

Lightest gun, been around a while and proven. Lots of good write ups and 5 shot MOA guarantee. The Tikka has a 3 shot, and mine does shoot better than that. Bases are already provided and its light. Like the steel feed clips on the magazine. I have no problem with polymer magazines or gun parts.

Nice recoil pad, polymer mag holds 4 I believe. Nice action smooth, not as smooth as the A7 or Tikka but good. Made in the good ole Feels good when put to my shoulder. Thanks and good shooting. They are all realy nice rifles. I my self have a sako and love it except for the fact its a

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