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38 hp Kubota vs. 38 hp Yanmar / Zen Noh

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daedong vs yanmar

Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere. Massey Ferguson. View previous topic :: View next topic. Kioti tractors look identical to a kubota.

Are they a kubota sold under a different name? Any one ever had any experience with the kioti brand tractors Thanks. Back to top. Bruce from Can. The Kubota tractors are much more refined, and have a good reputation and resale value. No personal experience, but I've heard lots of bad things about Kioti.

Haven't heard anything bad about Kubota. Most likely totally different. Found from web search: Kioti is the trade name for Daedong tractors in North America and parts of Europe. There's no connection between the two. If you look on youtube I believe Messicks did a video describing the difference between them.

Basically Kioti paints their tractors orange to make people think they are the same company. I'm not saying Kioti is bad or anything. I don't think I've ever seen one in this area. I doubt it, Kubota is right up there with JD.

Not saying Kioti is bad, the Koreans build some good machines. I have a friend who has had a kioti for 10 years and loves it. That being said he only moves snow and does property maintenance with it. If the kioti is considerably cheaper ,no fear of dealer support and your not depending on it every day I?

If you do a search here on YT, I think there was a similar question posted not too long ago similar to yours. A friend of mine has a snow removal business where he mainly uses hp loader tractors.

That being said, I've used both, and if was going to work it hard, I'd go with the Kubota. Report to Moderator.This continuing series matches different brands of compact tractors to see who has the best machines in the fields. First off, I want to thank everybody for the kind words of encouragement. I also want to thank my competitors for donating their time and tractors to help me put this series together. Both companies have a similar background, so this should be very interesting!

Daedong was founded inproducing its first tractor in South Korea in I could not get the participating dealer to commit to an actual sales price though.

Both tractors, in my opinion, have a nice offering for the money. Easily blowing away the green and blue competition. I hope you found this test helpful. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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The CK has an advertised 1. The Kioti warranty does not count hours. Branson has a advertised lb. The Branson lifts 2, at 8. The R 3PT capability offers almost lbs. Branson offers 5 standard features that are optional on the Kioti. Branson does not rely on a computer or re-generation system. That will make for a much easier engine to service. The Branson was able to pull more due to its heavier weight.

The higher hydraulic GPM allowed the Branson to lift more. More standard features on the R made for a more enjoyable tractor to operate.

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Tractors and Farm Equipment. Wiki User No Kubotas use Kubota engines and Kiotis use kioti built engines how ever certain Kioti engine are basically a carbon copy of Kubota designed engines. Daedong and Kubota where building tractors with Daedong metal work and Kubota engines. Kubota suspected Deadong of copying Kubota ideas. The partnership ended but Im pretty sure this is where the link is.

There are some small differences. We run both kubota based engines and the kioti copies in boats in our company. The 43 bhp variant of the Kubota looks very similar to the Kioti.

The kioti engines seem to be much more noisy from new and produce much more smoke on start up. In my opinion Kioti is a budget copy. Some name brands of 4x4 tractors are: John Deere, Kubota, and Diesel. What type fuel should I use in my Utility Tractor?

Diesel tractors are superior to gas tractors because diesel engines have fewer maintenance issues and produce more useful energy. Low performance spark ignition engines in boats and tractors commonly use kerosene as a fuel.

Some need to be started on petrol then switched to kerosene. Asked in Transmission Fluid What fluid is use in a Kubota b hstd trans? Compared to comparable quality tractors of its size, in torque and horse power, it very capable and may out shine the competition Lots of brand loyalty out there. You could have a compression problem depending on the hours and past use or diesel fuel problem.

Check with a Kubota dealer in your area. It will turn as fast as the gearing lets it. The most common use is as the main oil filter on 4 Cly engines. Ford industrial in particular but many foreign automotive, construction, and industrial engines use this filter also.

Such as Volkswagon, JCB, Kubota, and and construction equipment engines such as air compressors used to power jack hammers and rock drills. It's most common use is on a inline 4 Cly engine.Kioti's logo.

2017 Subcompact Tractor Comparison – Part 2

The web is littered with Kubota versus Kioti discussions where various owners hem and haw trying to weigh the benefits and advantages of each. An Overview Kioti is manufactured by Daedonga South Korean company that has been in the tractor business for about 60 years.

Kioti is actually only used for their North American equipment, everywhere else, like nearby Australia for instance, they are known simply as a Daedong tractor. Daedong launched its Kioti lineup in but it was not until the early s that they started to make headway in the North American market and become recognized in any serious numbers. Like Kubota they perform the majority of manufacturing in their home country and then perform final assembly and warehousing in one of three major centers: California, Texas and North Carolina.

It was a joint venture with Daedong manufacturing the transmission and Kubota providing its experience with the engine mechanics and other components. Interestingly, Daedong provided the design and fabricated the body sheet metal for these tractors which gives them their own distinctive look — no other Kubota looks like these tractors do.

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Production of these tractors lasted from the early s, peaked in and then tapered off. The L - a joint venture between Kubota and Daedong. Lawsuits and Bad Blood It is no secret that a Kioti tractor, with its orange coloring scheme, similar hood shape and decal lettering look an awful lot like a Kubota. Their names even start with the same letter, K! In either case, the bad blood started shortly after their relationship together in the early to mid s.

The aggression spilled over in late when Kubota filed a lawsuit against Kioti in a California district court. Kubota felt its trademark coloring and hood designs were being infringed upon and also sought to clear the air regarding confusion between Kubota and Kioti — there were strictly not one in the same.

A Settlement is Reached The lawsuit dragged on for 5 years until August when a press release issued by both companies stated that the matter had been resolved — the amount of the settlement undisclosed.

It is interesting to note however that Kioti still relies heavily on its orange color scheme much like Kubota and its hood designs and decals also look similar, so one can only speculate on what sort of agreement the two companies came to. Kioti DK Some take a neutral path — go with whichever dealership gives you the best deal or that is closest so you can get parts and service quickly. What we do know for sure is that as these two manufacturers continue to expand their product lines, the compact utility tractor landscape is going to get a bit more crowded and a lot more orange!

December 8, pm. I need to buy a new radiator for my ,quite oldI think 25 years at least, Kubota Tractor,a B December 10, pm. If the tanks are still good, and usualy they are, then re-coring is fine. Remember, Kubota does not sell reconditioned parts so that the price of a new one! June 23, am. There is a arm under the seat It is gear. Would you help me. December 29, am. Good day. I have a b with hours on it.

Who Makes Yanmar Tractors?

Any ideas?.While a lot of people are not familiar with brands like Yanmar, Hinimoto, Mitsubishi, Shibura, and Iseki- these imported tractor manufacturers have a long and impressive history. Yanmar, founded inwas the forerunner in the compact diesel engine market. Designing their first diesel engine in and built the worlds first small horizontal diesel engine in By Yanmar had shipped overtractors to John Deere alone.

Yanmar is now one of the world leaders in the diesel engine market. Look under the hood next time you are in one of the other tractor dealerships and you will likely find a Yanmar diesel engine under the hood. So what is a "gray market" Yanmar tractor?

The gray market tractors are surrounded by confusion. Basically- Yanmar Tractors manufactured 2 version of their tractors. One for the US market and another for Japan and other countries. They did this to meet the different requirements of each country. For instance, in Japan they are used primarily in rice fields with a tiller as the main attachment. These tractors are equipped with multi speed PTO's to use with the tillers.

There are very few rice fields needing tilled in the US so they set up the US tractors for use with mowers, blades, etc.

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Gray market tractors are simply the Japan version of the tractors that have been legally imported into the US. Why the bad press about these? The gray market tractors will not usually come with ROPS roll over protection structuressome PTO shields, or English warning and operation decals none of these things were required in the 70's and 80's when they were sold new.

All of these things can and absolutely should be added to your tractor though. Aftermarket ROPS are now available.

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English decals are in stock. English manuals are in stock. PTO shields are available. Once you convert your tractor with these parts there is very little difference from the US market tractor.

Yanmar has been around since the 30's and they are here to stay. With tens of thousands of each model produced, the list of aftermarket suppliers grows every day. Believe it or not- most parts are actually easier to get for a 35 year old Yanmar than many year old John Deeres! We cary a full line of parts including all of the common gears, shafts, clutch parts, bearings, seals, gaskets, brakes, seats, engine rebuild kits, etc.

We also have a full line of salvaged parts in stock. There are very few parts that we do not have on the shelf but if we don't have it, we can get it. Usually the next day. Find more information like this in our new booklet click here. Always install proper safety equipment including a certified ROPS and always wear your seatbelt. All rights reserved. Any appearance of the Yanmar name, Yanmar logo, or Yanmar part numbers are for reference purposes only and does not imply that the part is a genuine Yanmar part.

Who Makes Yanmar Tractors?Updated January Parts availability really has nothing to do with grey market, USA market, or even how long a tractor has been out of production. The single key to buying a tractor that will have long lasting parts availability is finding a tractor that either: 1 - Was enormously popular or 2 - Shares a lot of parts with a popular model or lot of other models.

Before we list the worst let's list the BEST. If you break this tractor it is your own fault! No sharing. Very rare in the USA. It will probably be taken off this list once a few more key parts get reproduced.

daedong vs yanmar

They are no longer sold new and are very expensive as a used part Parts availability is getting better but still very limited. You can now at least get the engine rebuild parts pistons, rings, bearings, etc but some transmission parts and most "cosmetic" parts are still not available new. We do try to keep a good selection of used F series tractors to part out though so we should have many of the used parts you will need. We recommend that you avoid these models for right now if you depend on your tractor to make a living and can not afford downtime while we locate parts.

The engines in these models are NOT sleeved like the YM series and are prone to becoming "egg shaped" if ever overheated These are still very new to the US and there are no operation manuals or service manuals for them. Parts availability is VERY limited at this time. It will probably get better but it could still be many years before the parts supply starts to catch up. For example, the three point lever on most of these models is now even computer controlled!

The lever attaches to a potentiometer which controls electric operated valves. With no English service manuals or wiring diagrams we have a hard time recommending these tractors to anyone but adventurous electronic engineers :. The great thing about the Yanmar tractors has always been that the average Joe with a test light, torque wrench, and a service manual could fix just about anything on the tractor. This is no longer true starting with the introduction of the F series models.

They are very complex compared to the YM series machines. So what about the brand new USA model Yanmars?

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All rights reserved. Any appearance of the Yanmar name, Yanmar logo, or Yanmar part numbers are for reference purposes only and does not imply that the part is a genuine Yanmar part. Yanmar Models To Avoid.This week we talk about four more competitive models and then wrap up the comparison with some parting thoughts.

John Deere E. The prefix is somewhat close to the gross horsepower of each model rounded up, while the suffix alludes to the E economy or R premium classification. The E we chose for this comparison is powered by a Yanmar three-cylinder diesel the R also has Yanmar power making The cockpit platform has a more defined transmission tunnel that divides the sides, but the layout is rubber-isolated, uncluttered, and with ample foot room for all but possibly the largest shoe sizes.

The brake pedal is positioned on the left side. Standard features include a mid-back seat fixed back and no armrestsloader joystick nicely integrated into the fender cowl, cup holder, poly hood that raises on gas struts, and foldable ROPS. Mahindra created quite a stir when its Max series of tractors were introduced in Were they subcompact tractors at all, or really compact tractors in disguise.

The marketplace cried foul, but plenty of new purchasers found the expanded capabilities to their liking. While that controversy swirled, Mahindra introduced the eMax series. Horsepower is exactly spelled out in the model nomenclature. PTO output rating for the eMAx 22 is Not shying from controversy, eMax tires are a size larger than the competition.

As with the John Deere E, there is a more defined transmission tunnel dividing the footwells, but rubber-isolated space is ample and not cramped. The brake pedal is also positioned on the left. The Cat I 3PH is rated to lift lbs more on this in the wrap up.

Control over the hitch is guess-where-you-are. Standard features include a mid-back seat fixed back and no armrestsloader joystick affixed to the loader stanchion, cruise, poly hood and fenders, cup holder, folding ROPS and horn. A backhoe is available from the factory or can be dealer installed at a later date. Yanmar, who has built subcompact and compact tractors for brands such as John Deere and Cub-Cadet, in announced it would be building and selling its own line of machines.

Returning to the marketplace with its traditional red paint scheme, three models were initially introduced: the SA, SA and SA Our focus is on the SA The SA is powered by a Yanmar three-cylinder diesel making Control over the HST is through a side-by-side pedal arrangement with the brake pedal properly located on the left.

The rubber-isolated platform has a large-ish center transmission hump at the furthest back heel position that necks down to a small divider to the front that leaves plenty of floor space.

daedong vs yanmar

The Cat I 3PH is rated to lift lbs. Position control is standard. Non-commercial warranty is two years bumper-to-bumper with extended powertrain coverage to five years. Ventrac Y. Both gasoline and diesel variants are available, but sticking to the article criteria, we compare the Y which is powered by a Kubota three-cylinder diesel.

The system takes a little getting used to, but it fast becomes intuitive and offers nice modulated control over all the tractor functions. Ventrac tractors do not come with a rear 3PH, but instead have focused their attention on front attachments.

Combine this focus with a weight transfer system that transfers implement weight onto the tractor, an articulating frame, and you get versatility, improved traction, braking and slope handling. Implement options get really interesting with blades including a hydraulic V-bladeleaf blower, rotary broom, rake, snowblower, edger, stump grinder, aerator, and power bucket with grapple option.

One thing that is clear is that each of the tractors in this comparison are well-built, quality machines engineered to deliver high levels of performance and not just in the primary area of mowing. The backhoe does the same with the operator only having to walk around to the tractor rear for the hydraulic single-point connector. One thing a prospective buyer needs to keep in mind, BX tractors do not offer backward backhoe compatibility.

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