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Where to live in The Hague? About to move to The Hague? The international city of peace and justice is one of those rare Dutch cities in Randstad that remains away from countless crowds of noisy and disturbing tourists but still has plenty of the good life and looks!

The Hague is laid back, but never boring, full of international people but not invaded by them. It has traditional Dutch housing, gently mixed with business style skyscrapers.

As with all house hunting, your reasons for moving to The Hague — studying, working, or just pleasure — are extremely important in making the choice where to live! In order to cover all neighborhoods of The Hague properly, we will be marking the pluses and minuses for all three options, helping you answer the question; where should I live in The Hague? Of course, the city center is the ultimate spot in any city and The Hague is no different.

Where to live in The Hague? Guide to the neighborhoods of The Hague

Almost all the popular galleries, museums, and government buildings are here. Every day, and especially on Thursday evenings the koopavond of the city the streets are full of people walking up and down, refreshing their wardrobes, enjoying the millions of small charming cafes and restaurants down the covered Passage, Denneweg, close to Plein or the Haagse Bluf. Plein square hosts plenty of events, for instance the traditional antique market just in front of the main Parliament building.

It is never boring but also never quiet. If you are a young professional or young couple, you will value the proximity to the busy center as well as the vicinity of the main train station and many bus and trams stop, along with plenty of small green areas and the Malieveld park. The properties are both newly built and older, traditional Dutch houses and apartments. But the city center is the city center, so prices of property are often quite high, not to mention how quickly they get occupied.

You may end up paying an unrealistically high price for a much smaller place although The Hague still has pretty decent housing prices: both rental and buying.

The city center may not be the best place to raise small children due to the lack of wider playgrounds and it is surely not the place to live in if you enjoy quiet secluded areas, although you may find hidden treasures in the small back streets.

Chinatown can hardly be labeled as a town really — it stretches for just a few streets southeast of the main shopping street, the Grote Markstraat, clearly marked by a large gate with East Asian elements and red lighthouses hanging around. Located in the city center, Chinatown is a cultural stew, mixing influences from all parts of the world. It is a good place to find an affordable accommodation in the center.Rotterdam is a bustling, multicultural port city.

Discover which part of the city is right for you with our guide on where to live in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is one of the most dynamic cities in the Netherlands, with a large international community and a refreshing lack of tourists.

Most of the city was destroyed by WWII bombs so, rather than rebuilding in traditional Dutch style, Rotterdam has been radically modernized. Settle Service is a relocation specialist operating in the Netherlands.

Their experienced team of immigration officers and relocation coordinators provide advice and support for companies and employees. So, move to Rotterdam with confidence and let Settle Service guide you through every step along the way. Wrecking balls and scaffolding are as much a part of this city as the kinked pylon of the Erasmus Bridge.

The bridge towers over the River Maas, looming over the water taxis and freight barges that ply the waters beneath. Due to this, Rotterdam is upgrading its city center facilities to stimulate lively new entertainment, culture and shopping opportunities.

The city center offers characteristic buildings dating back to about alongside minimalist new-build in various guises. Residents enjoy close proximity to a range of museums, shops and restaurants, although parking is less abundant. Parking supply, however, is being increased by new developments and residential complexes, such as Calypso, Karel Doorman and the B-tower.

Finally, the area around Central Station is also a hotspot, and close to the Rotterdam International School. As a result, the area has a very international feel and a huge variety of affordable to upmarket housing. This is a great area for executives wanting to get to work quickly in the mornings. Upmarket urban prices apply. The De Rotterdam development completed in has added a huge supply of residences more than apartments and offices to the mix.

Similarly, luxury and renovated housing can be found on the opposite bank in NieuweWerk and the Maritime Quarter Scheepvaartkwartier. Because of this, the old village center and elegant residential streets remain intact. Homes in Hillegersberg are expensive but enduringly popular and therefore sought after by the Dutch and expats alike. It is home to several of the international schools. Hillegersberg is only 10 minutes from the city center by bus or tram or 20 minutes by car.

However, just a few minutes on your bike brings you out of the city to meadows or the River Rotte. Hillegersberg is located around two fair-sized lakes. So, if you like sailing in the summer and skating in the winter, this could be the right neighborhood for you.

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Schiebroek west of Hillegersberg and the newer, up-and-coming Prinsenland are becoming favored expat sites. Lively Prinsenland is more affordable than the city center and is close to international schools.

Likewise, multicultural Oude Westen, a lively and bohemian neighborhood near Central Station, is also popular with foreigners. Finally, it is also relatively easy to find family accommodation at reasonable prices in child-friendly Ommoord, in the northeast.Unlock the secrets of Amsterdam Noord, filled with hip hotspots and a gateway to the countryside.

Experience all that Amsterdam West has to offer with dining, shopping and entertainment highlights. Dine, drink and shop for inspiring fashion, gifts and more on the Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam. Head out into this hip Amsterdam neighbourhood to find trendy shops and fantastic food and drink.

In the West, there is Westerpark along with Westergasterrein, a home to many cultural and recreational activities. Around the corner from the Rijksmuseum is the world-famous Vondelpark in stately Amsterdam-Zuid. This is the largest city park in Amsterdam and it offers plenty of recreational opportunities.

In Amsterdam Oost is Oosterpark, close to Artis. Amsterdam has markets of all kinds and sizes and with a wide range of products. Vintage items and interior fabrics can be found at the Noordermarkt in the Jordaan.

After visiting this market on a Monday or Saturday, walk through the 9 streets for the nicest and most original shops. You can buy products from all over the world here six days a week. The unique CitizenM hotel is just a 5 minute walk from train station Amsterdam Zuid. You can control everything in the room from an iPad, from the room's color to the SmartTV. The W Hotel can be found right in the heart of Amsterdam. The rooms are spacious and equipped with every amenity.

A variety of designers were called in to create unique hotel rooms. Spend the night in a tram, or in a secret room hidden behind a closet.

Areas in Rotterdam

Spend the night in style in the 9 Streets neighbourhood, the hip and historic shopping heart of Amsterdam. There are plenty of things to do in the area around Amsterdam.

Haarlem with its extensive shopping opportunities is nearby, or explore historic villages like Edam, Marken, and Enkhuizen. Admire the tulip fields near Leiden, or explore coastal towns like Zandvoort and Bloemendaal near Amsterdam. Parking facilities in Amsterdam include parking along the street or public garages. Some areas are reserved for permit holders. Parking in the city center is pretty expensive.

More information about parking in Amsterdam. Visit this world famous 17th century city. See historic buildings, visit a museum and tour the canals of Amsterdam.

Neighborhoods of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is more than just canals. Go off the beaten track and discover the real Amsterdam in one of the typical districts or neighborhoods outside the city center. Each neighborhood has its own charm and appearance with great places for shopping, eating, and accommodation. Visit Oost for a delightful change of pace, family-friendly attractions and modern architecture.

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The nicest neighborhoods for shopping Shopping Czaar Peterstraat. Shopping The 9 Straatjes shopping. Sights to see Canals of Amsterdam. Learn about the religion, culture and history of the Jewish people and Judaism in Holland. Discover one of the most famous and controversial districts in Amsterdam. Markets Amsterdam has markets of all kinds and sizes and with a wide range of products.New to Rotterdam and wondering where to live?

There are plenty of areas in Rotterdam to consider in the city and surrounding villages, each with its own local highlights, hotspots and charm. Expats typically tend to settle in the city centre or one of Rotterdam's beautiful green suburbs. Many expats, for example, find their way to the trendy Kralingen and Kop van Zuid neighbourhoods, the bustling Prins Alexander district,or can be found further afield in the exclusive Hillegersberg area.

For more information you can also take a look at our moving to the Netherlands guide. The name Stadsdriehoek, or 'City Triangle', refers to the original triangular shape of historic Rotterdam. The city's main business district, centred around the World Trade Center, is located in this area of Rotterdam.

Housing prices reflect the neighbourhood's desirability, but a range of residential options - from simple buildings with shared staircases, to modern apartments and spacious villas - ensures diversity.

Parking in Stadsdriehoek is limited: new residents will likely need to wait for a parking permit, but are generally granted a temporary permit nearby for the duration of the wait. Together with Stadsdriehoek, this area forms the heart of central Rotterdam. Bustling Central Station is one of the city's most important ports, welcoming thousands of people each day.

The centre's numerous museums, shops and restaurants are all within easy reach, and the Rotterdam International School is close by.

As in Stadsdriehoek, parking is limited, but temporary permits for nearby parking are generally granted for the duration of any waiting list. This lively, culturally diverse Rotterdam area is located close to Central Station and attracts many artists, entrepreneurs and creatives. Home to the city's Chinatown, the streets are lined with cosy pubs, hip cafes, trendy restaurants and small theatres.

Numerous specialist shops can be found here, many featuring foreign goods. House prices tend to be relatively more affordable than in the centre, and local amenities include schools, banks, community centre, library and a local swimming pool. This upmarket neighbourhood in Rotterdam is one of the country's most affluent. Luxury apartments, magnificently transformed warehouses, museums and some of the city's best restaurants line the streets surrounding the historic harbour.

Rotterdam's main recreational area, simply called The Park, and the nearby Museum Park, lend a suburban feel to this central area. While you will pay accordingly for the pleasure of living here, the breathtaking views over the Maas River and the central location may make it worth the expense.

Child-friendly and green, this neighbourhood boosts numerous playgrounds and is well-connected to public transport. The city centre is 20 minutes away by metro, and the renowned Alexandrium mall is easily accessible.

This beautiful, green suburb north-east of the city is extremely popular with expats and locals alike. House prices reflect its attractiveness and its chic, upmarket reputation.

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Several international schools are located here, and the commute to the city centre is a mere 10 minutes by public transport. Hip, young and international, Kralingen is just a 15 minute commute east of the city centre.

The nearby lake and recreation area KralingsePlasthe forest KralingseBos and the Trompenburg Arboretum contrast nicely with the ultra-modern business centre, Brainpark, and the Alexandrium shopping complex. The Erasmus University Campus can be found here and the neighbourhood is extremely well-connected to public transport and the highway system. Find an apartment in Kralingen. This newly built area in Rotterdam lies along the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas and is an international and trendy area popular with expats and business professionals.

Here you'll find an interesting collection of renovated warehouses and modern apartment blocks, all at upmarket prices. The renowned Hotel New York can be found here and the imposing Erasmus Bridge is just one example of the exciting architecture that populates the area.

rotterdam bad neighborhoods

Kop van Zuid is located in the Feijenoord district, close to the team's football stadium and is just 10 minutes by metro from the city centre. Located in the bustling Prins Alexander district, this is an up-and-coming expat neighbourhood east of the centre. Prices here are relatively more affordable than downtown, and its child-friendly reputation attracts many families.

The area is close to Rotterdam's largest shopping centre, the Alexandrium Shopping Centre, the Erasmus University Campus and several international schools. While you will pay accordingly for the pleasure of living in the Scheepvaartkwartier Maritime Quarter and NieuweWerk, the breathtaking views over the Maas River and the central location may make it worth the expense.

Commuters can reach the city centre and central station by metro in less than 10 minutes, and the Maas Tunnel, the A13 to The Hague and Dordrecht, and the A15 to Europoort are easily accessible by car.

Use our search engine to browse through our Rotterdam apartments in your prefered neighbourhood.Great, but where to live in Rotterdam? Where should you even start looking when it comes to neighborhoods of Rotterdam? In truth, speaking of all of Rotterdam West is quite deceiving because when one speaks of West, they refer to a large and very diverse neighborhood of Rotterdam. Housing prices vary quite significantly from very cheap to very expensive, sometimes only due to a one block separation.

rotterdam bad neighborhoods

While Rotterdam is struggling to improve neighborhoods without pushing old residents out, it seems that many streets in Rotterdam West are still mostly holding on to their identity through the process.

Rotterdam Noord is another up and coming neighborhood in the city. New initiatives, bars, stores, and restaurants seem to be popping up daily.

Kralingen is known for hosting the Kralingse Bos, a park that hosts a lake where Rotterdammers regularly sail and swim. Perfect for sunny days if those ever occur. Rotterdam is often called the city without a heart due to the bombing of the city center in the Second World War. You could even get away with not owning a bike if you manage to snag an apartment in the center.

For some reason, the Noordereiland is often overlooked by those seeking to live in the city. Situated between the Center and Zuid, the island connects to both areas by the Willemsbrug and De Hef respectively. Unlike most of the center, however, Noordereiland largely avoided damage during the bombardment of As a result, the island is covered in much older structures than most of the city. Not to mention the island provides a great view of Rotterdam in almost any direction.

Be warned, though, the public transport options to and from the island are still a bit wanting and not ideal for a daily commute that is, at least compared to the rest of the city. Unfortunately, Zuid has a pretty bad rap amongst most of the northern population of Rotterdam. It also seems odd to group the whole of Zuid into one category given the sheer size of the area. Not to mention the rest of this list actually includes sub-sections of Zuid already.

However, without this section, we would be missing a very significant portion of the places to live in Rotterdam. Oh, the horror…. Originally it developed as a result of harbor workers who settled in areas near the port. The busier parts of the port have since shifted westwards, but the residents have remained.

Much like West, the south side of Rotterdam is currently undergoing a slow gentrification. The municipality is struggling quite a bit, in fact, with improving the neighborhoods while not pushing current residents out. Despite the issues with how this is working out, though, Zuid has plenty of affordable housing and a significant amount of hidden jewels worth visiting. Fun fact! Most of the neighborhood consists of the Wilheminapier, which is where the Holland-America line used to depart from.

The region is not a cheap option, but Kop van Zuid certainly does provide some very nice views. Known widely for the Fenix Food Factory, the area is rapidly evolving from an old harbor into a gentrified paradise.By focusing on education, employment and living environment, the neighborhood of Zuid is finding new life. Photo credit: WikiMedia. The Dutch evening news rarely focuses on crimes like rape, murder or theft.

Still, these things do happen. In Rotterdam, they mostly happen south of the River Maas. This is no coincidence.

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Rotterdam grew on either side of the River Maas in completely different ways. Historically, the north bank held the city center and mixed residential areas.

rotterdam bad neighborhoods

Until the late s, Zuid developed almost autonomously, with growing concentrations of poverty and crime. Inthe Erasmus Bridge was constructed, physically linking the two sides, with the clear intention of socially re-joining the city as well.

Nearly two decades later, however, Zuid remains a separate entity. According to the research, nine percent of residents in Zuid often feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. For the entire city of Rotterdam, that figure is closer to five percent. In Zuid, nearly 35 percent of business owners report sometimes feeling unsafe, while in the rest of Rotterdam, that figure is more than ten points lower, at 23 percent. Inthe safety index rating veijligsheidindex for Rotterdam was a respectable 7.

For Zuid, the rating was 6. Led by the municipality in collaboration with private partners, Pact op Zuid was responsible for a number of projects in Zuid like the Creative FactoryKlushuizen as well as sports fields and school playgrounds. Eventually, however, a fundamental difference of opinions within the Pact op Zuid team began to slow the redevelopment process. In September17 public and private partners signed the project plan Zuid Works Zuid Werkt and, beginning in Julyput their promises into practice.

This team became the core of the NPRZ and currently focuses on three main areas: better education and training, reducing unemployment and improving the living environment.

The hope is that together, these improvements can have a trickle-down effect, raising the standard of living and reducing crime across the seven focus districts in Zuid. For the last two years, the NPRZ has been gathering momentum.

Where to live in Rotterdam? The guide to the neighborhoods of Rotterdam

Most projects are being implemented on schedule. Schools involved in the program have extended teaching hours and 18 of the 34 schools in the focus districts now offer children six to ten hours of extra lessons per week.

Last year, implementation of a new program called Career Start Guarantees courses with a job guarantee after completion proved difficult. This year, the NPRZ team members hope to make a number of agreements with private companies to make this attractive plan a reality. Another program within the NPRZ helps match unemployed residents with suitable work, reducing the number of welfare-dependents and preventing benefits fraud.

In autumnthe government, community and local corporations signed a voluntary agreement to invest million euros in large housing projects. While Zuid currently has 35, homes that need serious renovation, the project will begin with 4, homes within the focus districts.

Over the next three years, million euros will be invested in renovation, demolition and new construction throughout Zuid. The thing about Zuid is, the potential in this area is almost incalculable. Artists are attracted by the low rents and unused spaces, while creative entrepreneurs have started some of the best coffee shops and hand-crafted goods stores in the city. The former industrial spaces have a punk aesthetic that is almost impossible to find elsewhere in the city.

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rotterdam bad neighborhoods

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