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Post a Comment Do you wanna ask me some thing??? This site does not belong to TCS. This website is a platform for knowing new activities, technologies, TATA products, schedules that we get to see everyday. Here, I have highlighted my passion able and interesting some moments of my TCS life. Hello Friends. Business skills The Buzzword. What is it? Which type of skills? Is it really that much important?

tcs aspire questions on business skills

Do I need to pay attention to improve this? All such type of questions arise in our mind while entering into the professional field. Here I have brought this post to tell you all about the importance of business skills and what kind of training you are going to have in upcoming heavenly days of your ILP?

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As we all have gone through our golden school days. We all know that each school has its own rules, standards and culture. We have to abide by those rules and regulations because they are made for us to learn the values in our life. In the same way, the corporate world requires some standards to be followed by you. Each organisation has its own culture and rules.

One should follow them to make growth in his career. These are business skills which you must evolve in yourself to go ahead in your professional career. How to represent yourself in front of clients. How to write emails.Google a bit you will get de Assignments Please can anyone upload the lastest aspire quizzes Do quiz have any time limit or i can google the answers can then submit it?

Intuitive B. Anger C. Irritated D. Questioning E. A quarter of an hour. A quarter of hour. One quarter of an hour. A quarter of one hour. Eloquence B. Understanding C.

tcs aspire questions on business skills

Effective D. What is your good name? Your good B. Your C. Name D. Present continuous B. Past Perfect C.

Present Perfect D. We are simply loving. We simply love it here. We are simply here. We love it here. Answer Key: B [ Tips: We simply love it here.

I am fine,how about you? I am fine thank you C. How do you do? I am not fine, by the way how are you? It is not necessary for men or women to stand for handshaking and all introductions B. Both men and women should stand for handshaking and all introductions C. Only men should stand for handshaking and all introductions D.

Only women should stand for handshaking and all introductions Answer Key: B.Intuitive B. Anger C. Irritated D. Questioning E. A quarter of an hour. A quarter of hour. One quarter of an hour. A quarter of one hour. Eloquence B. Understanding C. Effective D. What is your good name?

Your good B. Your C. Name D. Present continuous B. Past Perfect C. Present Perfect D. We are simply loving. We simply love it here.Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Register Forget Password. Results 1 to 1 of 1. Popular topic for study. Laplace Transformation on Integral Function: Read this topic.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Gender: : Female City : Ankleshwar. I have posted few files which would help you to prepare yourself for TCS. For those of you who has scheme language in their ILP can get in here.

This provide a complete tutorial for Scheme Language.


You can download the Scheme language material from here. Please find the attached file along with this If You have any query regarding the files. Please feel free to ask. I'll be glad to answer them. Attached Files for Direct Download. Psychometric Test. Select Meaning Quick Test. Select Meaning Medium Test.

TCS Aspire – Online Training Program for Freshers Before Joining ILP

Select Meaning Thorough Test. Select Word Quick Test. Select Word Medium Test. Select Word Thorough Test. Unseen Passages. Logical Reasoning. Tags for this Thread engineering forumfaadooengineerskitmaterialspdfpreparationtcs. The time now is AM. Copyright FaaDoOEngineers. All rights reserved.Hi, Great. Tutorial is just awesome. It is really helpful for a newbie like me. I am a regular follower of your blog.

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All the points you described so beautiful.

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Really nice topics you had discussed above. I am much impressed. Thank you for providing this nice information here. True or false? Ans: True 2. Which of the following need to be assessed during unit testing?

Ans: Error handling and execution paths 3. Quick and dirty test to determine quickly the status of a system is called Ans: smoke testing 4.

tcs aspire questions on business skills

Test scope is dependent on the budget for project. Ans: False 5. Ans: Tags 6. Ans: interim test report 7. Memory allocation pattern can be testing in: Ans: whitebox testing 9. Ans: File name of the image Automation Testing should be done starting manual testing. Ans: False Project design is the process of translating a task into aseries of commans that a computer will use perform that task.

Beta testing will be done by Ans: user HTML is a mark-up language. Ans: true What is the normal order of activities in which traditional software testing is organized?

Integration testing system testing unit testing validation testing. Ans: unit testing, Integration testing, validation testing, system testing Ans: Source code CVS is used in the analysis phase.

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Ans: false How much software testing cost accounts for in the software development cost? Ans: Design is the process that brings all the software components together to create the complete software system.

True or False?Preparation and joining formalities for TCS.

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Service agreement, Bond and surety, I. Training duration. Questions I. How to Attempt Aspire In order to complete a course in Aspire, you must complete all the chapters within the course. Each chapter contains sub-topics. After each chapter, you will find one chapter quiz with 40 multiple-choice questions and that must be cleared to complete the chapter.

It is provided to clear your doubts if you have any. To pass each chapter, you have only 2 attempts. The second attempt is available only if you are not able to clear a quiz in the first attempt.

However you can score maximum miles only in the first attempt because the scores assigned per answer in the second attempt is lesser than that in the first. So please go through study material properly and attempt the quizzes seriously. There are currently 6 courses in the TCS Aspire course. Introduction to Computer Systems 2. Basics of Programming online programming learning 3.

Business Skills — The Essentials 4.

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Know Your TCS 5. Problem Solving 6. Chapter quiz. Course Completion quiz. Please note that the Miles that are awarded here are nothing but the marks for a quiz. So passing these quizzes and the whole course is not tough. However getting a good rank and being in the leader board is an entirely different thing. I suggest you must download the course material of Aspire before starting the quiz and read it thoroughly. In most of the cases question is simple and you will find the correct answer along with the keyword, hence you can score more and get early joining.

Whatever you say in this methods defense, This is still nothing but Cheating. And if you score higher in the Aspire they will increase the cutoff for IRAs according to your score.

tcs aspire questions on business skills

So if you complete the course honestly, you are good or otherwise you will fail and send back home.

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