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I had to have a nasaloscopy a few years ago to check out a thankfully benign growth on a tonsil, and they had to put a wormlight endoscope, or whatever in through my nose view the tonsil from behind, and I honestly was pretty cooperative for about two seconds until it touched the back of my throat and I went absolutely viscerally primal before I realized what happened, and had to apologize profusely to the medical people afterwards apparently, this is a common reaction.

Oh my, this absolute baby.

yandere hetalia headcanons

This absolute angel. Believe me she is such a good girl for real. She is so sweet and happily bakes you cookies and other treats. That cute smile is seemingly always on her lips. An absolutely amazing listener and is gladly a shoulder to cry on. She loves giving hugs and since she is smol then she would love to be picked up as well if possible.

Because fuck such a baby.

Important Note

Also never curses, literally never. She is adorable and pure but she is a yandere so of course not everything about her is good. Even in her Yandere mode she is still a softie! She would never kill anyone, never hurt anyone, she might go as far as to hurt herself though so you'd stay with her.

Hurting you is a huge no no and she is too weak and fragile to wanna hurt anybody else. She can be manipulative though, uses her tears as her weapon and just guilt trips even if she honestly isn't fully aware of that. Like she doesn't understand that what she is doing can be seen as manipulation or guilt tripping. Kidnapping for her is the absolute last resort and she really doesn't want to go through with that, but if she would then she would be incredibly remorseful and do anything so you'd be comfortable.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She would be begging for forgiveness and crying the entire first day when you'd be in captivity. So much so that you'll likely feel bad for her even if you didn't do anything wrong.

The most she does as punishments is leave you alone and with no food. But even that is rarely because she would rather hurt herself then see her beloved in pain. She is seriously a sweetheart and an incredibly gentle yandere.

From my ocs she is the best choice to end up with to be honest. Alex is a seemingly innocent and kind hearted guy. He is so sweet and is seriously the nicest boy all around. He is loved by everyone and nobody has anything bad to say about him.

Alex is also one of the top students and will gladly help you with whatever you need and he will never ask for nothing in return besides your company. However, even if it doesn't seem wrong at first, then your other friends seem to somehow start to keep distance from you.

Obviously he is there for you and to push your worries aside. Saying things like "They just don't understand how amazing you are, like I do. It's almost ridiculous how dependent you become on him. But all of his persona is just a huge fucking lie because as soon as you reject him then you'll get to see the beast he actually is. The first thing you hear is him cursing when you reject him. Despite him literally never cursing before and his eyes change too.Now, depending on the type of Yandere, certain things will change.

Of course you would! Of course you do!! They love you too!! But some common themes are…. No matter what they do, who they hurt, even if they kill, you have an excuse lined up for them. Clothes, shoes, books, electronics. You want a new phone with tracking but you understand of course?

yandere hetalia headcanons

Oh, you wish your bully was dead? Slowly or quickly? And which weapon? You want it, you got it. Except, you know, freedom and the like! They comfort you after, telling you how much they love you. They can scream, cry, hit you, anything they want! They love you more then anyone could, you need them!

And they need you too. You catch a boy staring at you in class, and kindly respond with a smile and a friendly wave. The next day, you find his still-bloody eyes in your locker, along with a note reminding you not to look at anyone else. I saw you do Hetalia! Can I get hooked up with some 2p! Can I request how would the 1p face family plus Russia how would the get there crush to like them?

Originally posted by ofallingstar. Not surprising, Francis is going to be the smoothest and most romantic out of the entire bunch.

He will also often invite them on small dinner dates at his house. He just has this look in his eye and you can just tell that he is in love! He is the perfect guy. He is sweet, gentle, patient, an amazing cook and a damn good listener.

Originally posted by pinkcollapse. Uf, this boy is awkward as Hell. He tries to be smooth and cool, but he always fails. And yet, that somehow always works in to his favor! Alfred just has this boyish charm to him, and no matter what he does he always looks so adorable.

He could trip over a rug and spill coffee everywhere, and yet he still looks as handsome as ever.

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He is also undeniablely cheesy, but that just makes him even more appealing. He can also become really protective.Like, out of every yandere, he acts the most normal.

yandere hetalia headcanons

He just fits in. Only then does he reveal his dark side. No matter what you did to him. He loves you and he loves you with all of his heart. When it comes to you, he would not hesitate to kill in cold blood. He waits on you hand and foot. He likes to kiss you all over. He has very high standards, but once he does fall for someone, he falls hard. He mostly likes to drink, listen to some music, and invite a few friends over, if you guys are staying in.

I know two discord servers dedicated to hetalia one of them is for ask blogs and ask blog fans. Of course I wanna marry you. Come on! I want to cherish our time as a dating couple for as long as I can. You belong to him. We must get our papers at once to be joined in this glorious union. Marrying you was what he always wanted.

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His dream is finally coming true. We should get moving. The less time this takes, the less time that anyone else gets to look at you. Well, they might not be alive to question for much longer. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: What are some yandere england headcanons you have of him?Hmmm… punishment-like sex?

On the other hand with Yandere! Go on and ask me questions! Ask me for scenarios, headcannons, fics, anything! I do literally everything you want from me! Originally posted by dragonpigeons.

Guys I made a Yandere Mystic Messenger blog! Please go and ask me something! Although many people think Luciano is much more terrifying and deadlier than Feliciano, the two of them actually stand side-by-side when it comes to how dangerous they are. Hmmm… Nothing. All he has to do is to keep his enemies closer. That would honestly ruin everything. Being forgotten by you hurts, but Alfred is an entirely different thing. He can handle other people mistaking him for the American.

He would still hurt or even murder if he has to. Think of it as my writing prompts for future scenario posts. Note: The What If may or may never be written.

Hetalia Yandere Trio

Like, I said. It may be written, but it might be until a few months later when I make a scenario about it most likely. Denmark,but I prefer the Canon! Well, how about the fact that he would never EVER touch a hair on your head if it was meant to hurt you?

Sure, he can definitely be an ass towards other people since he killed or ruined their livesbut he will never hurt you. Except for the fact that he would place lego pieces all over the floors in your house as punishment, then yes, he is an asshole. Countries, he values your smile a lot, because your happiness is what makes him special. Even if you were with him, he still wants you to be genuinely happy to be with him. Thank youAnon.

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You just made my day. Originally posted by whenisayrunrun. Yandere Definition. A fusion of two Japanese words, "yanderu" and "deredere. It's just their way of showing it is If they need to get their hands dirty, then so be it. They will get rid of anything or anyone who comes in between them.America: A nailed-covered baseball bat scratched against the wooden floor.

China: Doors slammed. Cupboards flew off their hinges. Beds were thrown over. Frantic running was heard throughout the house. Why do you hide from me?! England: Innocent laugher echoed throughout the halls. Soon, that laughter turned maniacal. Still grinning, he reached for a pink jewelry box and slowly wound it up.

Oh, you know me so well; I love playing games with you! France: You flinched when you heard a wine bottle shatter against the tile floor. Russia: He sighed. Why do you do this? He found the room you were hiding in almost immediately. Italy: The knob of the locked door jiggled.

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You thought you were safe until you heard a click. The lock was picked open. With a heavy creak, the door swung out. Germany: He stomped through the halls. Japan: He rolled his eyes.

You jumped in surprise when you heard a loud whack against the wall. Romano: There was a knock on the door.

Are you in there? Austria: Crazed laughter emanated from the hall.This request is so cute! Since I have a lot of favorites spanning difference franchises, I might make separate posts for each one in the future if people want it!

Maybe in the future, shiggy. More fire emblem stuff is coming soon! Originally posted by katetcake. Originally posted by unfamiliarworld. Originally posted by matlahktli-ihuan-yei-tecpatl. Behold, the Core Curriculum!!! I thought I may as well start with the most important boys and girls! Picrews Used Here: x x x x. He wants to see you cry, and he wants to hear that cute little voice of yours pleading with him to stop.

He probably took Calculus. Fucking Nerd. She makes sure you have the newest gaming systems, all the books your little heart could want, and something new is only a smile and a kiss away. Like, at all.

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She tends to get… emotional rather quickly. Rin told you that himself.


Like Nezuko and Tanjiro switch roles on who became a demon. If you don't want to then just write about Yandere Tanjiro. I really like reading the headcanons you create. I really, really enjoyed writing this, thanks for the great request! Might even revisit this idea for a scenario in the future if anyone wants it.Your writing is so super duper good!

She has always wanted to be a mother but she doesn't want to give birth and instead adopt a child. What would their reaction be? Thank you so much in advance! Originally posted by gifs-and-hetalia-blog. I love your blog, so I got super excited when I saw you requested something! Thank you! Yeah, uh, I hate politics, but I really liked this request!

What about a yandere!

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Thank you and have a great day :. I just really love the Nordics. People say it's about showing gratitude to loved ones, but they never had anyone that fit the bill until now. Also, their present from him is the severed head of their rival bonus points if it's the tree's star on top.

I was wondering if u could write something about yandere America and yandere england being in love with the same girl? Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Russia Ivan Braginsky He wants children with his darling, badly. Just like daddy, huh? Originally posted by gifs-and-hetalia-blog N.

I can see him being a natural with children too, Feliciano is a man-child, after all. There was obviously a rough patch at the beginning of their relationship, so them trusting him so much makes him very happy. It had gotten so bad at one point that he was afraid they were ignoring him for his brother so he kidnapped them.

That was a long time ago, sure, but it still stuck out in his mind. His behavior probably rubs off on their child though. He can be convinced if his darling begs enough.

He has a huge soft spot for his darling and a child is something he can hold over them in the future. He hates leaving his darlings side because he just wants to be able to protect them. Will be very happy if his darling and sister get along. If it was anyone else, Vash would have been jealous. Vash can get very paranoid. America Alfred F. Jones So, this can go one of two ways. Being an American politician will make Alfred extremely paranoid and overprotective.

Originally posted by gifs-and-hetalia-blog Yeah, uh, I hate politics, but I really liked this request! I love your blog! Any chance for some more Ivan and kiku? They know to be scared of him, because Ivan is admittedly a scary dude, but he absolutely hates the fact that his darling is terrified of him.

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